Twig Terrariums

Twig Terrariums

Twig Terrariums sprung from the minds of friends Michelle Inciarrano and Katy Maslow. Michelle, a self-professed plant nerd, convinced Katy “to gather some mosses and repurpose a cruet jar from her kitchen cabinet.” They spent the next year experimenting with terrariums using all kinds of of glass vessels — apothecary jars, kitchenware, perfume bottles, gumball machines, large hand-blown pieces, chemistry flasks, and anything else they discovered on one of their antiquing adventures. Finally, after creating around 50 terrariums each and storing them in their “tiny NYC apartments,” they decided to make their venture official.

Twig’s studio and shop is in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, which is stocked with all kinds of ready-made and do-it-yourself terrariums (moss, plant, succulent, and air plant). As Michelle and Katy say, their terrariums are “about perspective and perception, creating lush backdrops for whimsical, ironic, and natural scenes. Each terrarium offers something special — a miniature snapshot of daily life, a brief glimpse of urban living among the mosses, a bucolic scene by a waterfall, or grazing sheep on rolling hills.”

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Brooklyn, New York, USA

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Ready-made and DIY terrariums.

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