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little JOYCE

Los Angeles-based Joyce Pan is the mind and talent behind little JOYCE handbags. Her career started at a young age, when she took a printmaking and typesetting class in high school. She recalls, “It was a very hands-on process from start to finish. I loved it so much the teacher ‘hired’ me — in exchange for class credit — to silk-screen or emboss leather goods (keychains, bookmarks, bracelets) for school events. I also silk-screened and hand-cut stickers. Thinking back, it was kind of like child labor, but I loved it.”

Joyce went to study graphic design (with a marketing minor), which exposed her to design and printmaking techniques. “I got to create lots of handmade posters by silk-screening, etching, painting, and drawing. After college, I started working as a production assistant and eventually became a visual effects/animation producer working on various commercials, short films, and branding.” In the evenings, she continued to make her own art, including handbags.

“People can see the quality and

craftsmanship and uniqueness in

your product when you truly put

in your heart and soul into it.”

What‘s in a name?

Why little JOYCE? “All my friends call me Little Joyce because I‘m on the petite side. The nickname is part of my identity and something very personal and special to me, and I wanted to continue that intimacy in everything I make.”

Joyce often collaborates with other artists, something that happened quite naturally. “My collaborations came about through word of mouth or introductions from friends of friends. I think people can see the quality and craftsmanship and uniqueness in your product when you truly put your heart and soul into it. And when you happen to meet the same quality artists and makers, it just sort of connects and it works.”

She has an ongoing collaboration with her friend and artist FroHawk Two Feathers (né Umar Rashid). Joyce explains, “He‘s an amazing artist, and we’ve been friends for a very long time. He wanted to collaborate with me to make handbags, so people who can‘t afford his art can still own it in another medium. I was so excited because he’s a great artist and I love his work. After the first round of bags, we realized we work great as a team.”

Modern love

In general, Joyce gravitates toward minimal, modern, and clean design, but she also loves “shapes, patterns, texture, colors, a mixture of all that.” Specific influences include Maison Martin Margiela for its “amazing minimal, modern, and smart design.” And Eley Kishimoto provides endless inspiration for patterns and colors. “They design and create their own textiles, and they make beautifully tailored clothing with it. They collaborate with different brands, and apply textiles to everyday pieces – sofas, books, iPhone cases, etcetera.”

When asked what drives her to create, Joyce says, “There‘s a sense of accomplishment when you bring your imagination to life by utilizing the full connection between your mind and hands. When I‘m making something, my concentration level brings me to a state of mind that‘s almost meditative. It‘s quite addictive.”

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Los Angeles, California, USA

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Handmade, hand-dyed handbags.

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