Alyssa Zygmunt is the maker behind BROOKLYNrehab. As the name suggests, she’s from Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Alyssa “grew up drawing, crafting, making elaborate pop-up cards, and then sculptures once I was old enough to use my father’s power tools.” She went on to study industrial design, and currently works out of her studio in Greenpoint.

But, she says, she doesn’t consider herself an artist. “I’m a designer and a collector. While I am passionate and personally motivated to create, what I create is not intensely personal or pure self-expression. It‘s something fun and light — more of a curiosity or everyday object with a twist.”

”I think an object gains character as

it ages. I love how the marks of time

hint at a past life and the people who

once owned it.”

Her obsession with vintage items comes from “the idea that objects have souls. I think an object gains character as it ages, and I love how the marks of time hint at a past life and the people who once owned it.”

Rearranging creativity

Alyssa says her creative process is “more like curating, arranging, and combining interesting things in new ways. These moments often happen weekend mornings after building up ideas during the week. I tend to have little themes running in my head — it could be a motif, shape, color, or even a texture. Whatever the starting point is, I take another look at the supplies I’ve accumulated, items I’ve made, or vintage pieces I’ve collected to see what fits. I make the old look new, the new look old, and sometimes combine old and new. I’ll take a texture that I applied to my jewelry and see what happens when I press it into clay. It feels more like play than work. Things magically come together.”

At a glance
Where she is

Brooklyn, New York, USA

What she does

Housewares and accessories.

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